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Tiger 1050

Taking a break in Tewksbury, Fall, 2009

I bought a 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 in 2008 after becoming frustrated with my Kawasaki Versys and looking at a few different bikes. These were the criteria for a bike when I was shopping:

  • Able to handle the rough roads in the area as well as nice motorcycling roads at higher speeds
  • Preferably come with factory luggage or have good aftermarket luggage solutions
  • Be as comfortable as possible – upright riding position, good weather protection
  • Have enough electrical capacity to run a heated vest and grips
  • Have enough motor to have a little fun
  • Have a good base suspension with some adjustability
  • Have a good size fuel tank
  • Be available at a reasonable price
  • Be light enough to manage easily

Obviously, my criteria are subjective and there are a few bikes that fit the bill. Once a rider gets past the “I must own this bike” factor, I think the primary variables for most riders consist of their level of experience, financial situation and physical stature.

Me, I’ve been riding since I was young and have a good deal of street experience. I had some money to put into a bike but the less spent, the better, IMO. As for physical size, I’m about 5’10” and about 185 pounds. Pretty much any bike out there fits me in terms of being able to reach the ground, although I consider a lot of the sportbikes too small for me (which probably has more to do with the riding position than their actual dimensions).

The Tiger is one bike that fit these criteria and, of course, there are a few others that I had looked at. At the time I had a Kawasaki Versys which I got bored with primarily because it didn’t have enough motor. Like I said, I’m an experienced rider and the Versys was my first “getting back to riding” bike after a few years off. While I thought a parallel twin 650 would be enough, it constantly left me wanting more. I also became somewhat frustrated with the limited weather protection on the Versys. Other than those two factors, the Versys is an absolutely great bike.

In my list at the time, the primary competitors to the Tiger were the Triumph Sprint ST or the BMW 1200GS. I ruled out the Sprint based on the riding position and the non-adjustable suspension and the BMW was just too much coin and I somewhat fell victim to the ponderous debate about final drive failures, expensive service and, in the end, lack of availability (after the local BMW dealer stopped carrying the brand).


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