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I just bought a Garmin Zumo 660 motorcycle GPS but while considering the other options came across some news that TomTom has recently announced their new Urban Rider and Urban Rider Pro motorcycle GPSs.

The new TomTom devices sound pretty interesting and have a simplified interface with two buttons: “Navigate to” and “Browse Map”. They are supposed to have intersection/lane guidance features, IQ Routes™ and Map Share™ for community-based map corrections.

  • Lane guidance provides more realistic views of roads and indications of which lane to use for upcoming guidance.
  • IQRoutes™ utilizes actual travel data from other TomTom users via their interaction with the TomTom Home service to improve routing. Sounds interesting but the privacy guy in me wonders if I would be comfortable letting TomTom download location information from my rides. More info available on the IQ Routes™ page.
  • Map Share™ allows users of TomTom devices to edit and update maps and contribute those changes to the community. The changes can also be downloaded

The units are supposed to go 6 hours on a charge, but remove the SD slot in order to accommodate the larger battery. Both come with a RAM Mount and the “Pro” version also includes a Bluetooth® headset (probably from Cardo).

The Urban Rider will be available in the UK in May and will be priced at £249.99 with UK & ROI Maps or £299.99 with European Maps. No word on the “Pro” version’s cost or US availability yet.

The TomTom site hasn’t been updated to show the new units. The existing TomTom Rider 2nd Edition page has more feature information on the current model for comparison.

The Engadget page on the announcement has pics


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