New MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR   Leave a comment

For several years I’ve admired MV Agusta motorcycles. They are simply “something special” to me and I never expected to own one. I believed they were simply out of my reach and my ability. Today I found out that the latter is certainly true, but the former is no longer.

My new Brutale 1090 RR, via a crappy BlackBerry camera:

I was only able to ride for about 2 hours today after picking it up. The riding position is more comfortable than I expected. I was immediately impressed with the suspension, motor and brakes on this bike.

The suspension, just setup to stock settings, is confidence-inspring and fluid under all transitions. The bike is setup better for traveling on good pavement (which isn’t always available), and keeps the tires planted. It definitely lets you know what you’re in contact with.
The brakes are Brembo’s – they work very well and will stoppie the bike without second thought. The brakes have also given me a new understanding of braking feel. They are simply outstanding.

I have not started to tap into the motor. We’ll have plenty of time for that. For the limited range I’m using now, the motor has a lot of power and the sounds it makes are fantastic.


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