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I like to carry a few basic tools with me on the Tiger for longer trips. Around town and within reasonable tow-truck rates to home, I usually don’t carry much except an air gauge, my cell, a credit card and some Plexus.

When trying to figure out what the best items to carry were, I started just separating tools that I used to work on the bike for regular minor maintenance. Whenever I have added something like the Ohlins shock or luggage racks, I made sure to carry the tools that were appropriate to tightening those parts of the bike up if I needed to for the next few days of riding.

Longer trips also included things like a can of chain lube, an old towel and some honda polish (or whatever it’s called now – “original polish” or whatever).

So here’s what I carry:

In the first picture above – A tube of locktite; open-end wrenches in 15, 13, 12, 11, 10, and 8mm; a set of torx bits; a set of allen bits; a set of 1/4 drive metric sockets; a small ratchet with 3/8 drive on one side and 1/4″ on the other; a couple 3/8″ and 1/4″ extensions; another small 1/4″ ratchet, a plug socket and a few of the common sizes of allen keys.

In the second picture above – a screwdriver with the bits; a cheap leatherman; a retractable razor and a pair of vice-grips.

The items in the top two pictures fit in a small  craftsman tool bag that I picked up as part of a set:

the items above fit into this small bag

In another larger bag that I carry is the secondary set of items including electrical tape; fuses of various sizes; a small can of wd-40; a 1/2″ drive ratchet with socket to fit the axle; some zip-ties; a small Radio-Shack volt-meter; (the screwdriver goes in the big bag); a section of tie-down with buckle and a tire repair kit loaded with extra CO2 cartridges.

The second set of items is more intended for break-downs versus buttoning something up. I also have a 12v Slime air compressor, but it’s bulky and if I can’t fix a tire with a half-dozen or so CO2 cartridges, it’s going to require a tow anyway.

The small craftsman bag goes in with the breakdown kit and they then ride in the right pannier. There’s also plenty of room left for a full-size can of chain lube and bike cleaner along with a rag towel. That’s usually what’s in there if the bags are on the bike.

With the kit above, I can do most things short of dealing with subframe/frame issues or cracking the motor open. I use the kit for most maintenance and it’s pretty convenient because the tools are mostly relevant to the other bikes too.

I usually carry rain gear & spare gloves in the left pannier and whenever there’s a chance of needing it, the electric jacket and/or the insulating liners for my riding gear. Clothes and other items go either in the left pannier or in the top box or tail bag, depending on which is on the bike. With the panniers, top box and tail bag on the bike I can fit way more stuff than I ever need.

The top box I have is a Coocase V36. It’s a decent case and will hold a full-face helmet, which is mostly what goes in there when I’m off the bike. I frequently carry a spare shield in it also. My tailbag is a small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag and it’s a really nice product that holds a good deal of stuff.


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