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SC – NOT a nanny state   Leave a comment

It’s been a little boring today with the rain. Looking around for any motorcycling news I came across the info below.

Dont worry, you wont need one in Myrtle Beach

Proof that you can’t regulate stupidity:

  • “The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that Myrtle Beach’s law requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet is invalid on a few levels. Noting that implementing such a law not only contradicts with state requirements but also impedes on a right held near and dear to all Americans, freedom by ‘unduly limiting’ a citizen’s freedom of movement throughout the state.”

And while they’re at it: Let the kids have some fun too!

The SC state supreme court also invalidated a curfew that required everyone 17 and under to be inside from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. Interesting. So now minors can run wild all night too – excellent.

I didn’t find anything that changes this little gem for MB taxes tho, so at least the roads will be smooth and there will be lots of tourist shops to visit:

– Mixed liquor drinks  11.5% to 16.5%
(5% State Sales Tax + 1% State Tax Relief + 1% Horry County Road Sales Tax + 2.5% Hospitality Fee* + 1% Local Education Capital Improvements Sales Tax + 1% Tourism Development Fee = 11.5% minimum.  However, some establishments choose to pass part or all of the 5% State Liquor Excise Tax directly to the customer, rather than including it in the price of the drink, for a total of up to 16.5%) (LINK)


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A Trip Worth Following   Leave a comment

Oisin Hughes' Map for his BackToBroke Trip around the world

Here’s a great story to check out.

Oisin Hughes of Dublin is journaling his trip around the world (from “Dublin, Ireland, to New York…via Siberia”) on his latest blog: and on his thread “What goes around comes around… Dublin to New York

It’s an incredible story so far. Never having ridden a motorcycle before 2005, Oisin was inspired by the Long Way Round trips made by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in 2004 to learn to ride and to take a 34,000 mile journey through the Americas. His 2008 trip is documented in his free book “That I May Die Roaming“.

“The Big Fella” is a talented storyteller and has a lot to talk about. Here’s wishing him well on his way to Magadan!

A Little Ride on the Bonneville   Leave a comment

I finally washed the Bonnie tonight and took it out for a dry-off spin. I’m really liking the spray-on-hose-off bike wash lately. I had a bottle of Suzuki bike wash that I’m about to run out of – the stuff works great. We had some really nice weather tonight.

Next time maybe I’ll clean my camera lens too….

The bike is a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE with the Triumph Arrow 2-into-1 stainless pipe. I put the MC Resources luggage brackets on the bike, but the Arrow pipe is a little high for the bags I had bought. For now, I’m running around with a MotoFizz Small Camping Bag on the back, which is a great bag that fits the seat perfectly (it also fits the Tiger seat perfectly). With the racks on, the bag attaches to the rack instead of the frame rails under the seat.