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It’s been a little boring today with the rain. Looking around for any motorcycling news I came across the info below.

Dont worry, you wont need one in Myrtle Beach

Proof that you can’t regulate stupidity:

  • “The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that Myrtle Beach’s law requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet is invalid on a few levels. Noting that implementing such a law not only contradicts with state requirements but also impedes on a right held near and dear to all Americans, freedom by ‘unduly limiting’ a citizen’s freedom of movement throughout the state.”

And while they’re at it: Let the kids have some fun too!

The SC state supreme court also invalidated a curfew that required everyone 17 and under to be inside from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. Interesting. So now minors can run wild all night too – excellent.

I didn’t find anything that changes this little gem for MB taxes tho, so at least the roads will be smooth and there will be lots of tourist shops to visit:

– Mixed liquor drinks  11.5% to 16.5%
(5% State Sales Tax + 1% State Tax Relief + 1% Horry County Road Sales Tax + 2.5% Hospitality Fee* + 1% Local Education Capital Improvements Sales Tax + 1% Tourism Development Fee = 11.5% minimum.  However, some establishments choose to pass part or all of the 5% State Liquor Excise Tax directly to the customer, rather than including it in the price of the drink, for a total of up to 16.5%) (LINK)


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