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A couple shots from today’s ride   Leave a comment

The skies looked a lot more threatening than they wound up being today. I’ve been working hard on longer rides this spring and even though the skies didn’t want to cooperate today, I knew I had to head out and get some saddle time.

Here are a couple shots from today’s rides:

Everything starts with food – here’s the Tiger resting while I ate half of my breakfast:

The Tiger at Breakfast

A couple hours later, taking a break in a park and eating the rest of breakfast:

Tiger in the Park

There are all kinds of flowers out now:



I picked up a sandwich shortly after this stop and took it with me for a ride out into PA. I thought I might find another nice place to stop and eat it. After an hour or so  I took another break. I like to stop at this one pulloff – you can see it was pretty gloomy, but it only rained lightly a few times up to this point.

Another  pic looking to the right:

A little gloomy out today

I headed home to eat my lunch and took a break for a couple hours and then decided to finally button up the Bonneville from it’s new battery and take it out. The Bonneville hasn’t been out yet this season, so a fresh tank of gas was in order, along with a good long ride. I only stopped a couple times.

For Dinner:

Dinner with the Bonnie

Dinner with the Bonnie

On the side of the road. Now it was raining on and off and it was getting dark:

Bonnie break

Bonnie break

That’s it. Today’s rides started at about 10 this morning and ended at about 8:00pm with about 3 hours of breaks throughout the day. Good Stuff!!!


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Triumph Demo Day   Leave a comment

I went down to Jack Trebour Motorcycles today for the Triumph Demo Day. Lots of people turned out and there were a lot of demo rides going today. It was 93 degrees when I arrived. I feel for any of these guys who were wearing leather today.

A few pictures –

The back parking lot. Most of the action was near the food at this point.

click image for slideshow of my 2010 motorcycle gallery

One of the demo rides returning:

There were quite a few riders there – here are a couple of their bikes:

Click for bigger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

That’s it!

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A Little Ride on the Bonneville   Leave a comment

I finally washed the Bonnie tonight and took it out for a dry-off spin. I’m really liking the spray-on-hose-off bike wash lately. I had a bottle of Suzuki bike wash that I’m about to run out of – the stuff works great. We had some really nice weather tonight.

Next time maybe I’ll clean my camera lens too….

The bike is a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE with the Triumph Arrow 2-into-1 stainless pipe. I put the MC Resources luggage brackets on the bike, but the Arrow pipe is a little high for the bags I had bought. For now, I’m running around with a MotoFizz Small Camping Bag on the back, which is a great bag that fits the seat perfectly (it also fits the Tiger seat perfectly). With the racks on, the bag attaches to the rack instead of the frame rails under the seat.

New Pics   Leave a comment

Went out for a couple rides today. The morning ride was on the Tiger, afternoon on the MV.  New pics are in the gallery.

Tiger Toolkit   Leave a comment

I like to carry a few basic tools with me on the Tiger for longer trips. Around town and within reasonable tow-truck rates to home, I usually don’t carry much except an air gauge, my cell, a credit card and some Plexus.

When trying to figure out what the best items to carry were, I started just separating tools that I used to work on the bike for regular minor maintenance. Whenever I have added something like the Ohlins shock or luggage racks, I made sure to carry the tools that were appropriate to tightening those parts of the bike up if I needed to for the next few days of riding.

Longer trips also included things like a can of chain lube, an old towel and some honda polish (or whatever it’s called now – “original polish” or whatever).

So here’s what I carry:

In the first picture above – A tube of locktite; open-end wrenches in 15, 13, 12, 11, 10, and 8mm; a set of torx bits; a set of allen bits; a set of 1/4 drive metric sockets; a small ratchet with 3/8 drive on one side and 1/4″ on the other; a couple 3/8″ and 1/4″ extensions; another small 1/4″ ratchet, a plug socket and a few of the common sizes of allen keys.

In the second picture above – a screwdriver with the bits; a cheap leatherman; a retractable razor and a pair of vice-grips.

The items in the top two pictures fit in a small  craftsman tool bag that I picked up as part of a set:

the items above fit into this small bag

In another larger bag that I carry is the secondary set of items including electrical tape; fuses of various sizes; a small can of wd-40; a 1/2″ drive ratchet with socket to fit the axle; some zip-ties; a small Radio-Shack volt-meter; (the screwdriver goes in the big bag); a section of tie-down with buckle and a tire repair kit loaded with extra CO2 cartridges.

The second set of items is more intended for break-downs versus buttoning something up. I also have a 12v Slime air compressor, but it’s bulky and if I can’t fix a tire with a half-dozen or so CO2 cartridges, it’s going to require a tow anyway.

The small craftsman bag goes in with the breakdown kit and they then ride in the right pannier. There’s also plenty of room left for a full-size can of chain lube and bike cleaner along with a rag towel. That’s usually what’s in there if the bags are on the bike.

With the kit above, I can do most things short of dealing with subframe/frame issues or cracking the motor open. I use the kit for most maintenance and it’s pretty convenient because the tools are mostly relevant to the other bikes too.

I usually carry rain gear & spare gloves in the left pannier and whenever there’s a chance of needing it, the electric jacket and/or the insulating liners for my riding gear. Clothes and other items go either in the left pannier or in the top box or tail bag, depending on which is on the bike. With the panniers, top box and tail bag on the bike I can fit way more stuff than I ever need.

The top box I have is a Coocase V36. It’s a decent case and will hold a full-face helmet, which is mostly what goes in there when I’m off the bike. I frequently carry a spare shield in it also. My tailbag is a small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag and it’s a really nice product that holds a good deal of stuff.

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Saturday Ride on the Bonneville   Leave a comment

the bonneville at breakfast

Bonneville at breakfast

I went for a little ride on the bonnie yesterday around the area. The ride started at the Schooley’s Mountain General Store for a Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. mmmm, Bacon.

I gave the Flip video camera a tryout by just capturing a few minutes of footage while I was eating. The image above is taken from a snapshot of the video, which, in my estimation, turned out to be the most boring motorcycle video in history. The Flip is great for taking with me on the bike. It’s small and inexpensive and I don’t worry about it getting destroyed. The quality of the video it takes is pretty good too.  The audio is also good from the built-in mic.

The latest mod on the Bonnie is the addition of the Triumph-branded Arrow 2-into-1 stainless exhaust and an FI remap. The exhaust sounds great and the remap makes a difference in how responsive the throttle is. It was a little expensive for the pipe, but I think it was worth it. I have a set of saddlebags that I ordered with the racks that you can see on the bike in the picture, but I have to take some time away from riding the bike to put them on 🙂

It was pretty warm out yesterday, about 89*F by the time I wrapped it up. I’m glad I took the Bonnie and not the Tiger. I think the wind on the Bonnie was the only thing that kept the weather in the “pleasant” category.

The bike ran flawlessly, as always, and I did about 60 miles on mostly back roads. I didn’t stop to take any other pics. The ride was roughly the following:

Map of Ride

Map of ride

If you would like a copy of the GDB or GPX files of the route, just shoot me an email or leave a comment.

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Chain Adjustment on the Tiger   Leave a comment

Aside from the instructions from the manufacturer, there are a million opinions about how to adjust a chain on a motorcycle. I did a short video on how I adjust my chain. Just to give credit where it’s due – the original method came from someone on the Tiger1050 forum.

Please note that working on or maintaining your own motorcycle can result in serious injury or death. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks just go to a professional mechanic. If you have never worked on your bike before but are willing to give it a go, at least have a knowledgeable person around to help you and check your work!

Click the image below to go to my Smugmug gallery and see the video

A couple things I forgot to mention in the video:

  • When your chain is too tight you’ll probably hear more noise from the drivetrain. It’s better to have a chain that’s a little loose than too tight. A tight chain puts a lot of strain on the drivetrain, chain and sprockets and will result in premature wear.
  • Check the chain before riding when it’s “cold”. Temperature affects the slack in the chain.
  • Chains stretch quite a bit when they’re new. If you have a brand new bike or a brand new chain (and sprockets), check the chain more frequently. When new, the chain on my Tiger needed adjustment about every 300 miles until I got about 1500 miles on the bike. After that, I’ve only adjusted in around 3 times in the last 4000 miles.
  • Make sure you keep the chain clean and lubricated. If you’re traveling on roads with a lot of debris (sand, gravel, etc.), it will get on the chain and could damage an o-ring. You can see the o-rings by looking at the rear sprocket from the rear of the bike while rotating the tire by hand. If your chain is missing o-rings, replace it.
  • Chains wear out. Don’t use a spent chain! It can jump off the sprockets and jam the rear tire, it can hit you and do a lot of damage or it can leave you without power at the worst time. A $100 chain is a small price to pay for your and your passenger’s safety.

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