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A Little Ride on the Bonneville   Leave a comment

I finally washed the Bonnie tonight and took it out for a dry-off spin. I’m really liking the spray-on-hose-off bike wash lately. I had a bottle of Suzuki bike wash that I’m about to run out of – the stuff works great. We had some really nice weather tonight.

Next time maybe I’ll clean my camera lens too….

The bike is a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE with the Triumph Arrow 2-into-1 stainless pipe. I put the MC Resources luggage brackets on the bike, but the Arrow pipe is a little high for the bags I had bought. For now, I’m running around with a MotoFizz Small Camping Bag on the back, which is a great bag that fits the seat perfectly (it also fits the Tiger seat perfectly). With the racks on, the bag attaches to the rack instead of the frame rails under the seat.